Best Bhutan Tour Packages from Bangalore

Bhutan, The land of the Thunder Dragon, is a landlocked country sandwiched between its larger neighbours India and China. Shrouded in mystery and magic, Bhutan is the place to be for every nature lover.

Declared as “the happiest place on Earth”, Bhutan still remains a mystery to most people all over the world. The pristine environment and rugged landscape of the country makes Bhutan one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bhutan may make you forget the beautiful hill destinations of India.

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Places To Visit In Bhutan


The historic valley town of Paro boasts of many historic buildings and sacred sites. The country’s only international airport is located in Paro. A crystalline river meanders down the picturesque valley.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Standing above the enchanting forest of the rhododendrons and blue pines, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery hangs on a cliff. It is the place where Guru Rinpoche arrived on the back of a tigress and brought Buddhism into Bhutan.


The largest city in the Kingdom of Bhutan, Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. Though the city is now abundant with nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers, Thimphu still retains its values and cultural identity.

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